Discover how easy and fun it can be to learn to Ballroom Dance. Let National Ballroom Champions John & Penny DeFino introduce you to this wonderful activity. It does not matter what your age, your size, or condition. John & Penny have students that range from teens into the 90ís. Anyone can learn to dance. They invite you to
"Bring your two left feet and leave Dancing"
The DeFinos developed a
program to get beginners
dancing quickly while
emphasizing the partnership
skills and techniques that
promote comfort and
The Ballroom Made Easy classes are taught regularly at several area locations.
No Contracts - No Committments - Join anytime - Come as often as you like.

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Their experience in teaching ranges from new beginner to coaching of competitive dancesport athletes.
To contact them about the Ballroom Made Easy lessons click here.
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John & Pennyís
dance activities and
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